The Great? Gatsby

GATSBY. It's not just a dusty required-reading text anymore. With this new movie comes an extravagant homage to an era and an artist. The new 3-D, "spectacular, all-star production" film, based on F. Scott Fitzgerald's novel, has been inspiring everything from ice cream flavors to Jonathan Adler's "Deco Revival" to wedding themes.

And I confess, I am inspired as well. I've been secretly getting ready for Gatsby, as if I were planning to attend one of his parties. I have re-read the novel and bought the May issue of Vogue just to read the article about Carey Mulligan, who plays Daisy in Baz Luhrmann's film. She looks stunning on the cover of the magazine in a CITRON velvet dress, and it's a lovely article about her role in the film. Beautiful photos of the actress wearing some incredible 20s inspired dresses.

My favorite! LOVE that chain-metal background and the Nina Ricci dress!

Miu Miu dress with Swarovski Elements

I anticipate great costumes, sets, and acting in this film. However, I wonder how accurately the story will be portrayed...Will the movie reflect the emptiness and raw desperation that you read between the glitter and indulgence in the pages of the novel? Will Leonardo DiCaprio capture Gatsby's obsessed paranoia? And how will Jay-Z's sound track mesh with the 20's era setting? How does an actress learn to speak with a voice "full of money?"

Can't wait to see the film and find out!

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