This time it's PERSONAL

Our home in Gloucester, MA

This is our home - built in 1900. Nothing fancy, in need of much TLC, and right on the corner of a busy street. But, we just loved the character of this 5 bedroom, 1 (yes, just 1!) bathroom home and had to have it. We bought it 6 years ago, moving across country with 2 children under the age of 4, and with the knowledge that it needed major renovations - inside and out. We should have a sign on the door that reads: INSANITY LIVES HERE.

6 years later, after doing much structural work on the inside and building a patio, moving a garage, building a concrete wall, moving the garage back, spending a lot of money, time, and DIY sweat/slave labor - not to mention slammed doors and many arguments - we have only ONE ROOM completely remodeled. Two bedrooms are in transition (one currently serving as a workshop) and my office is almost complete - but is currently being used as our children's bedroom while they wait for their's to be finished.

So, when I tell people that I am an interior designer, it is with the hope that they do NOT yet visit my home! Seriously, if you saw the laminate floors in my kitchen and dining room you would die....But, if you could read my mind and see the design plans I have for this albatross....

My point? If you are thinking of doing a DIY renovation project but do not have every-tool-known-to-man, a great imagination, extreme patience, and 5+ years and thousands of dollars to invest, call a professional or move on to the next house!

I will, for kicks and giggles, share some "before" photos. Hopefully, another year will not go by before I get to share some beautiful AFTER shots. Right now, I am most excited about my daughter's room design - an icy blue wonderland fit for a family of polar bears (or an 8 year old girl who loves them).

My son's future room aka my husband's wood-working shop

The Most Dysfunctional Kitchen Ever!
Ugliest hallway leading to a wallpaper covered window