A little Red, lots of White, and Blue too

It's July! And in the USA, the beginning of the month is met with stars and stripes and explosions of our patriotic colors. While Americans celebrate independence and freedom and watch our hometown parades, we also pay homage to 3 essential colors which can be seen on everything from cupcakes, clothes, faces, floats, politicians, pinwheels, sofas, and the now famous, SOLO Cup

Together, red, white, and blue ignite visions of summer - pools and grills - and the flag and all it stands for. But used separately in design, these colors create their own dynamic. 

RED - I love red! But when designing a space, I like to use it like sugar in my coffee - just enough to enhance the flavor. Red is a fabulous color because it makes everything around it more beautiful and interesting. A red accent piece does for a room what the perfect shade of red lipstick does for a woman.

My Favorite Red Paint: Benjamin Moore's Flamenco

My Favorite color combo with red: Pale pink and bright orange

WHITE - the more the better! Nothing creates a cleaner, fresher look than a good coat of glossy white paint. It is the best backdrop for bringing out any color. 

Variations of white illuminate this room, designed by Jan Showers, giving more oomph to the rich chocolate used on the chairs.

BLUE - Classic, clean, comfortable blue. No other color is as accepted or as accessible. Navy is neutral, so it goes with everything! From your favorite Jimmy Choos to a fabulous vintage desk, you just can't go wrong with navy.

And these days, nothing says forever like a sparkling Sapphire! 

Then, when you combine red, white, and blue in one room like Robert Couturier did in the space below....fireworks!

Happy 4th!