What I saw in the Mirror Mirror

This past week I enjoyed watching 2 movies with my children. One was fabulous and inspiring; the other was, well, not a great movie. But, I loved watching both of them...for different reasons. 

The first was the Oscar-winning film by Martin Scorsese, Hugo. It had everything a movie should have: great cinematography, great acting, a great message, humor, mystery, etc. 

I highly recommend it!

The second film is a reinterpretation of the classic Snow White story, Mirror Mirror. Mostly, I wanted to see the movie because Julia Roberts stars as the evil queen, and I just love her. 

And though I did enjoy watching the actress playing mean, I was underwhelmed by the movie as a whole. However, what I LOVED about the movie are it's costumes and scenery. For me, watching a movie isn't just a passive, entertaining experience (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I can't help but to see past the story and wonder at the artistic elements of the film. I find myself admiring architectural details, the colors, the clothing - the way the atmosphere of the movie has been designed

I delighted in the costumes, colors, and textures showcased in this film. From the white birch trees and peacock feathers to the amazing dresses, the movie is a design dream come true!

The End

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