Bring on the shine and shimmer!

Few spaces emit the opulence of Versailles. I took this picture in 2008 while on a trip to Paris and London with my husband. I remember feeling completely enchanted by this hall.   The gold, the light, the reflection of the mirrors - all made me want to put on a voluminous ball gown and dance! Of course, the 100 plus other visitors there inhibited my fantasy just a bit. 

The ornate decor of Versailles is quite overwhelming, but I do love to see the recent return to old world glamour, influenced by modern functionality, in the design world. 

These chairs by Jan Showers are an exquisite example.

Personally, I am always drawn to a space with a spectacular chandelier. Nothing says "look at me" like a great lighting fixture. And, nothing brightens a room or brings it more depth like a large mirror. So, I say, "Go bold and decorate with gold!" Just make sure to balance your shimmer with a grounding, organic element like fabulous reclaimed wood floors.