It's Just Scandalous

SCANDAL, is currently my favorite show on television. The main character, Olivia Pope, is a powerful woman, who has an on-and-off-again affair with the President of the United States, aka Fitz. The show is, well, scandalous...and sexy and intriguing, and most of the characters have committed major crimes and live within the shadow of their misdeeds. For me, it is a guilty pleasure to escape into this political and powerful world, which is completely unlike my own, every Thursday night at 10 pm. But the scandals are not why I watch or why I love it....

Olivia Pope played by actress Kerri Washington

I am so drawn to the show because I LOVE the character of Olivia Pope - her desire to set things right, her gladiator-in-a-suit attitude, and most of all her style. I love the decor of her apartment and her office, and her wardrobe is off the charts! I definitely have closet envy. Everything in her apartment says sophistication and elegance, and yet, it looks completely comfortable and soft. Her office is another extension of Olivia's elegance, but it also has a get-down-to business, almost industrial-chic vibe.

I just can't get enough of the impeccable, neutral outfits she wears that compliment Kerri Washington's flawless complexion and the setting of each scene in which she acts. And speaking of the set, Olivia's apartment is simply fabulous.

Olivia and Huck (played by actor Guillermo Diaz) in her bedroom after the fall out

Quinn Perkins (played by Katie Lowes) in Olivia's apartment watching over a client.

Olivia Pope in her office at Olivia Pope & Associates

Olivia' office 

For more about Olivia's signature look, click on the link below to a great video

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