What I saw in the Mirror Mirror

This past week I enjoyed watching 2 movies with my children. One was fabulous and inspiring; the other was, well, not a great movie. But, I loved watching both of them...for different reasons. 

The first was the Oscar-winning film by Martin Scorsese, Hugo. It had everything a movie should have: great cinematography, great acting, a great message, humor, mystery, etc. 

I highly recommend it!

The second film is a reinterpretation of the classic Snow White story, Mirror Mirror. Mostly, I wanted to see the movie because Julia Roberts stars as the evil queen, and I just love her. 

And though I did enjoy watching the actress playing mean, I was underwhelmed by the movie as a whole. However, what I LOVED about the movie are it's costumes and scenery. For me, watching a movie isn't just a passive, entertaining experience (not that there's anything wrong with that), but I can't help but to see past the story and wonder at the artistic elements of the film. I find myself admiring architectural details, the colors, the clothing - the way the atmosphere of the movie has been designed

I delighted in the costumes, colors, and textures showcased in this film. From the white birch trees and peacock feathers to the amazing dresses, the movie is a design dream come true!

The End

Not your grandmother's pearls

"The pearl is the queen of gems and the gem of queens." - Author Unknown 

Custom cake by Sweetcakes, LLC

Actress Katherine Heigl

Holly Hunt Showroom

Wedded Bliss necklace by Arhaus
Room designed by Stan Topol

Ivanka Trump's glam apartment featured in Elle Decor

Timeless and classic. I view pearls as the most sophisticated of jewels. Whether resting around a beautiful actress's neck, acting as the feature detail on a wedding cake, or creating inspiration for a room design, pearls add luminosity and a feeling of luxury. By using the colors and the silky, reflective quality of pearls, the designers of the rooms above have created refined texture and shimmer throughout the spaces, which I find simply exquisite.