Bye bye 2012! Hello 2013

I love the color palette in the room on the left and the creative wall treatment in the room on the right - we will definitely see more incredible selections of wall treatments in 2013

With pleasure I say good bye and good riddance to the doom and gloom of 2012. It was not my favorite year - too much tragedy occurred around the world, and I had few personal triumphs. The world did not end, but for too many, life will never be the same.

However, in the world of interior design, I can say it was a fabulous year! Creating a space reflective of the person (whatever their style may be) who inhabits it has become the goal, rather than patterning design after some fleeting trend. I love the infinite possibilities that exist in current design, and I am amazed by the selection of products that are available now.

Of course there are some trends that I would like to see gone along with 2012. Neon colors - too harsh. Sequins covering entire outfits - they are much better used sparingly. The word "chic" to describe everything! Vary your vocabulary people, please!

But some timeless and important styles emerged (or re-emerged) in 2012, and I hope they stay strong throughout 2013. I love the return of gold and the use of all metallics, birds, chinoiserie, organic elements, reclaimed wood, recycled glass...that we are seeing used in some of the best designs.

Even functional rooms got glamorous!

My favorite bedroom design from 2012

Pewter with red accents - a color combo for 2013

To a fabulous 2013. Hope it is full of hope, inspiration, and beauty!

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