Reclaimed & Recycled

Beautiful living room with reclaimed wood floors

I'm not really the "outdoorsy" type - I don't spend my free time camping or kayaking (though both sound fun!), but you could call me a bit of a "tree-hugger." In fact, I spent a lot of my childhood sitting in the maple tree in our front yard. I have a sincere respect for the beauty found in nature, and I believe in protecting our environment and using recycled and reclaimed materials whenever possible. 

This past spring, my husband, Daniel, planted our first garden (and grew it organically), and I was so proud when he built planters recycled from wood that he had used on a renovation project, instead of purchasing new pots. He also made a great storage box with a hinged lid to conceal the hose. It took extra time, but he saved money and saved perfectly good wood from being thrown in the dump. 

When renovating attic space into what is now his office, Daniel spent hours refurbishing an old barn door, using non-toxic strippers. Now, the sliding closet door adds a great amount of character to the space. 

Going "green" is not a good idea purely for the sake of being gentle on our natural world, it is also a great way to enrich and add texture to a room's decor.  Below are some fabulous pieces from one of my favorite sites,, which have been given a second chance.

Recycled glass vases
Vintage fir armoire 

I absolutely love the shape of the headboard on their Gustavian bed.

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